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The German software company SAP SE (Societas Europaea), based in Walldorf (15 km south of Heidelberg & 50 km north of Karlsruhe), is the world's number one non-American software vendor and the world's No. 4 (after Microsoft, Oracle and IBM).

The company was founded in 1972 and its main activity is the development and maintenance of standard business software (enterprise software) to manage business operations. The focus is on ERP components such as accounting, controlling, sales, purchasing, material management, production, warehousing, human resources, etc.

Key Figures

  1. Management of the company: Bill McDermott (Chief Executive Officer); Hasso Plattner (Chairman of the Supervisory Board).
  2. SAP has a worldwide market share of around 25% (50% in Germany) in ERP software and generated sales of 21 billion euros in 2015 and a profit of 3 billion euros.
  3. SAP has approximately 80,000 employees worldwide, of which 20,000 employees are in software development in about 120 foreign subsidiaries. For several years, there has been a strong development location in India and other countries, like China and the USA.
  4. The share is traded at the New York Stock Exchange (since 1998) and in the Frankfurt (since 1988). The company is listed within the DAX (German stock index) and also in the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50.
    Approximately 75.6% of the SAP shares are free floating. 2.7% are owned by SAP SE itself and approximately 21.6% are owned by the founding partners Hasso Plattner (8.54%), Dietmar Hopp (5.31%) and the heirs of Klaus Tschira (7.50%).

SAP Applications

SAP (= Systems, Applications, and Products) produces powerful software (see the list of SAP Modules), mainly designed to control, organize and administer huge companies. Its ever increasing capability goes hand in hand with an even further tangled internal structure. An overview of the most important SAP Tables (sorted by category), as well as a list of the necessary SAP Transaction Codes to maintain them, is provided.

The most important key figures (Number of Employees, Annual Revenue & Profit) of the international SAP group are summarized in a graphic.

The implementation of SAP is usually a big project and not without risk. The SAP software, although being standard software which offers ready to use business processes, is very adaptable and it takes consultants a long time to figure out what the client really wants & needs (and these are two different topics!) and then also to figure out how to adapt the software itself. So IT projects frequently run out of budget, scope and time or all of them. There is however, a very intriguing and advanced list of lessons learned from decades of project management — which not too many project team members from the IT departments seems to have read.

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And if you face problems using your software or hardware and reading the manual was not helpful, because it was cluttered with gobbledygook and the experts tried their best to make it completely nonsensical to outsiders by using technical jargon — have a look into the section for Internet related Texting — Abbreviations & Acronyms. Maybe they help in everyday communication.


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